FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What is “Think Camp” ?

“Think Camp” is a global network of workspaces where people participate with best business community. We share the ideas and create a business chance.

Do you open 365 days a year?

Sorry, we close on Sunday.

HOURS :Open 9:30- 21:30 Sunday closed
HOLIDAY :Sunday, Public holiday, Bon, Year-end and New yeat holidays

Is Wi-Fi available??

Free Wi-Fi is available for all. SSID and password are post on working space.
All desks with plenty of outlets to charge.

Can I access to the printer?

Yes, you have access to the printer and fax machine.
Printer : ¥10 / each
Fax : ¥20 / each

Can I bring any food to Think Camp?

Yes, you can. However please refrein from bringing food having strong smell.


Yes, you can, however, we would appriciate it if you would keep your voice down

Can I use Think Camp without paying a enrollment fee?

You can use our facility as a drop-in without paying e enrollment fee. We will charge depend on usage time.

Do you have a parking space?

Sorry, we don’t have any parking space. Please park at a public parking space.

How can I ask a question because I have an additional question besides of this page?

Please contact us via “Contact” page.